If you want to share your special day with your loved ones, time and place will no longer be a limit. Near or far, everyone will attend your live ceremony to live together a “borderless marriage.”

The professionalism of theSerendipity wedding planner and Tour Magazine travel consultants, along with the cutting-edge technology of our partners, make the perfect blend for the wedding of your dreams.

Who may not be able to participate
Chi non può partecipare potrà partecipare al tuo matrimonio

Your grandparents cannot face the trip to attend the ceremony?

Distant relatives
I lontani parenti devono rinunciare ad essere presenti

Do relatives living abroad renounce to be present?

Friends and acquaintances
Amici e conoscenti potranno vivere il tuo matrimonio in remoto

Your best friends cannot reach you?

Vivi il tuo matrimonio come da tradizione, noi pensiamo a tutto
The Package

Professionalism and technology at the service of your dream

Matrimonio streaming online

An expert team makes use of the best technology to ensure the success of your streaming wedding.


The ceremony streaming is guaranteed in any moment, thanks to a safe and efficient satellite connection. A technical check in the church – or wherever the ceremony will take place – allows our expert technicians to verify the necessary coverage for a successful connection.

Video Direction

Creativity and production blend with the best technology to arrange and realize your wedding. Cameras, video mixers, lighting and cameramen will be at your service for a personalized assistance.


The encoding service will be supervised by a certified technician. Your special day will become a live streaming event that can be shared with anyone, wherever they are.

Diretta live del tuo matrimonio

The live streaming guarantees the best usability in any condition, so that you can celebrate your happiness along with the distant guests. You can turn your wedding into an innovative and trendy event, simply by using a smartphone, tablet, SmartTV or PC. Thanks to the video quality, your distant guests will feel like there is no distance between you and will be able to capture the most beautiful and exciting moments of the event just with a click.

Online memories
Ragazza che rivede il suo matrimonio sdraiata sul letto

You can recollect the best memories of your wedding day on PC, tablet, smartphone and smartTV, whenever you want to. And you can share them with your friends on Facebook or by sending the video link by e-mail, sms or WhatsApp.


All usefull informations

Can we have a streaming wedding anywhere?

Since the mobile phone network is barely reliable, we generally use a satellite connection to ensure the best quality of streaming transmission. An onsite inspection will allow us to make sure everything can be done in the right way without obstacles.

What is included in the package?

The package includes

  • wedding planner
  • satellite connection
  • direction
  • camera and cameramen
  • audio operator
  • production assistant
  • video streaming technician
  • live-streaming wedding video
  • edited wedding video upon request

Other operators offers very low cost streaming service. What is the difference?

Low cost often means poor quality. This kind of solutions usually relies on mobile phone networks, so the video quality may easily decrease. We use satellite connection to avoid such problems and provide a full service, including audio operators and direction as well.

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