theSerendipity offers a wide range of services to turn all of your wishes into special events.

Original ideas, exclusive locations, catering, live music, photo and video services, set-up, graphic design and much more.



We will help you to find the perfect location for your event with the respect of your needs and your budget.




Choosing a catering service

The quality of a catering service is one of the most important features for the success of your event. We will suggest you the best catering services in Italy.




Floral Design

Floral arrangement plays an essential role in the personalization of any event. We will suggest you the perfect style and layout, able to reflect your personality and maximize the value of the location.




Musical entertainment

Music plays its role in any event. We will suggest you the best professionals to meet your demands and accompany your emotions.



Photo and Video shooting

In order to capture the most significant moments, a team of experts will supervise your event by giving you the most beautiful shots and the most exciting footage, so you can relive the emotions of that special day with friends, colleagues and relatives.




Fireworks / LED Ballons

You will impress your guests with special effects and your event will be unique and unforgettable.



Design and print announcements, invitations and booklets

Every event needs its own “icon”. We will take care of the whole process, from the graphic design to the printing of all materials.



Hospitality service

Thanks to the close partnership with Tour Magazine by Almanacco Viaggi srl, we are able to provide you with private transfer service, ticketing service (planes, trains, ships, coaches) and accomodation for your guests.