Team Building - Laughter Yoga

When you laugh you change, when you change the whole world changes.

  — Madan Kataria —

In such a difficult time, when companies have to deal with more and more challenging goals, we believe that our Team Building offer has 5 valid reasons to test the benefits generated by Laughter Yoga within a working environment:

It reduces stress

Laughter Yoga is the fastest, most economical and effective tool, which leads to a decrease in stress, burnout and absenteeism.

It creates emotional well-being

Laughter Yoga helps people to regain balance and manage emotions, as it rouses positive emotions at the expense of the negative ones. It also promotes good relations and leads individuals to develop their own existential equilibrium.

It promotes Peak Performance

Laughter Yoga oxygenates your body and mind. Brain needs a higher amount of oxygen (+25%) than the rest of your body and when you are in good spirits everything gets better. In fact Laugher Yoga increases the release of endorphins by changing your mental condition in a few minutes.


It nurtures creativity

Playfulness frees your right cerebral hemisphere, the basis of creativity, from which new ideas can emerge and develop, helping you achieve your professional objectives.


Team Building

Laughter Yoga connects people and encourages the creation of team spirit. Communication skills improve and lay the groundwork of a fruitful collaboration.

Experiencing this activity is easy! What do you need to live the Laughter Yoga experience?

WHERE: You can use a meeting room, a corridor or an outdoor space. Laughter Yoga just needs people.


WHEN: Ideally, it would be better during working hours, but if your employees agree, you can arrange a session during the weekend.


WITH WHO: Our best experts will allow you to experience this unique activity.


FOR WHO: The ideal number for the best Laughter Yoga experience is a group of no more than 15/20 people and you will see the benefits of a 90-minute laughter! Everyone will work in a relaxed environment and improve their listening skills.


COSTS: The Laughter Yoga, this unique team-building experience, is an extremely low-cost activity. If you provide us with the number of participants, location, date and time, we will decide together the details for your tailor-made happy event.


Many companies choose this economical and effective formula to strengthen employee engagement and maximize efficiency.


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